Part 3…Survey says…

When I was running multiple races a year, people would ask how long I planned to run. My answer was simple: until my legs fell off! And now here I am…exactly one year after my injury and I know what happened–I literally ran my left leg off of my body. To be more specific, I significantly tore my labrum (and would need 3 anchors to reattach the cartilage), had a mild hip impingement, and a bone spur.

After months of pain and no answers, I finally received answers. On January 11th a hip specialist confirmed what I had known for so long–I needed surgery to fix my hip. So on January 31st, I went in at 5am for my surgery. 2 hours later, I was in recovery with my family and heading home to begin the long road of recovery.

I’m now 3 weeks post op. I dislike my crutches, but I am so close to being free of them. I am icing my leg every night and completing my physical therapy as directed. I am ready to get back to my normal active life, but I also value the time I need to heal properly.

So what does this mean for running? Well, no running for at least 6 months, and there are no promises of how far or how much or how fast I’ll be able to go. The doctor doesn’t even want to talk about it yet. Sigh.

So how am I? People ask me this every day. I know what they mean–how is your hip feeling? Are you in pain? And my answer is so complicated, so I just say “fine.”Because the reality is this–I am not in much pain on normal days. My hip is sore in the evenings on days when I’ve been busy, and I’ve overused it. My hip feels tight, and it’s so frustrating that it took me 2 weeks to learn how to put socks on. I can barely shave my legs my myself, and putting on pants every  morning makes me break out in a sweat. I have to psych myself up for a shower every day, and some days, I am so exhausted after taking a shower, doing my hair, and taking care of the kids, that I just want to crawl back into bed: but I don’t. Also, I hate crutches. Brady and I were chatting one night about how with all the technology in the world, crutches are still the best we’ve got for people to get around. Just think about all the things you do throughout the day: making lunches, grocery shopping, carrying your purse…now take away the use of your hands. Yep. Nothing. You can do nothing. And when you try to carry your coffee or your cell phone or your dinner plate…one of two things is likely to happen–either you will drop what’s in your hand or you will trip over a crutch and fall. So, yes all of that has happened. I’ve even fallen walking up a staircase. I’m just that talented, folks. Sigh.

I’ll wrap this up. Hip surgery went well. Crutches suck. Healing is frustrating. My community has been good to me. (see next post)

Thanks for listening in the middle of my healing,


One thought on “Part 3…Survey says…

  1. I wish you good luck with your recovery.
    I had the same thing in both hips and went through the whole process of surgery and recovery twice.

    The best advice I can give you is to be patient. There will be many ups and downs, take it slow, it will pay off in the long run. 🌸


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