The Magic of Snow Days

Snow days are magical. They might possibly be the best days I’ve ever had with my kids. Obviously, because I live in Oklahoma, we don’t get a lot of snow days…maybe 1 or 2 a year, if we’re lucky. And by snow day, I mean snow, more likely ice, is only covering the road about 1/18″ deep. That’s right–we’re not usually talking about a lot. The threat of ice/snow actually came to fruition and proved the meteorologists correct, so all of Oklahoma rewards children and parents and even some co-workers by giving us this magical day. Thank you, God, for days such as these…

What makes this day so magical?

  1. The spontaneity. No one could plan out when the snow day will occur. It happens over night or early one morning and voila! the magic has descended. Now, anything is possible–siblings could play nicely; moms could play in the snow; warm sugary goodies could be baked!

  2. The snow. Snow is magical–even when you are an adult and not used to it. I’m sure if I lived in a northern state where snow consumes 4-5 months out of my year, I might think differently; however, in Oklahoma, snow comes so rarely and so sporadically that it seems like Elsa herself might be gliding through town. The snow glistens and makes our drab winter town look like a ski chalet. Ice hangs from the trees and kids look like adorable little snow children playing in freezing temperatures with rosy cheeks–what’s not to love?

  3. The activities. We love sledding and building snowmen and having snowball fights and hiking in the snow. In fact, we spend more time outside in freezing cold temps when there is snow, then we would if it were 40 degrees and sunny. My kids don’t mind cold weather, so if we get to be active, they will be outside playing in the freezing weather…for snow, at least.

  4. The memories. I remember snow days from my youth. We always got to make hot chocolate and watch a movie. Now, I play with my kids and hope that these are memories they will remember. We did more laughing today, then we have in a week. My kids played well together today. They shared one sled. They took turns on that one sled. They helped each other up the hill, building a snowman, hiking through low-hanging limbs…they were a team. I hope they will remember these times fondly and grow closer from them.

  5. The warmth. Yes, it’s freezing cold and snowy white outside, but in my house, I want everything warm to exist. We stayed in our jammies and robes until 11. We ate warm soup for lunch. We made hot apple cider and sat by the fire. We wore beanies and socks and warm sweats. We said warm, nice things to each other, like “I love you.” Yes, snow days are magical.

And then tomorrow, we will go back to our regularly scheduled life of chaos and order, fighting and loving, errands and tv watching. We will go back to our self-centered lives and remember that magical day and dream about the next one to come. These are the magical days that I love as a mom. I don’t know how many of these I’ll get in my life, but I am protective of them–selfish for my kids and their time and their love.

Wishing you a blessed magical day in the middle of life,


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