The 5 Types of Moms We Underappreciate

Being a mom is hard–no matter what kind of mom you are! But as I peruse Facebook and Instagram or read news articles about other moms or even watch shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop, I realize that the world really only views moms through a narrow lens. Moms who are popularized and lauded tend to be those who look beautiful, have high-paying jobs, have amazing talents, or are just famous in their own right. I’m a bit afraid that millenials, including my own children, will grow up to think that moms must be in the spotlight, making lots of money, looking flawless, or super talented to make a difference in the world. I’ve spent time over the last few months with a variety of moms–people I call friends–whom I look up to as “super moms” because they are devoted to their role as a mom first–anything else second. They aren’t famous, or rich, or having their talents sought after. They are the real moms that millenials should be admiring and tweeting, snapchatting, instagramming, and facebooking about.

      1. The Missionary Mom

She lives far away from family and friends in a country that is beautiful and inviting but strange and usually lacking resources we take for granted here in the US. She serves with her husband for a greater purpose and makes sacrifices daily without complaint. She is strong and loving and kind, always putting her own comforts aside and yet doing her best to stay connected to the community back home. She works tirelessly to minister to other women and rarely is ministered to in return.

      2. The Christian Single Mom

She loves God first and her children second. She knows that she must play the role of mom and dad, but she makes sure her children don’t miss out on anything. She works hard and loves harder. She is a disciplinarian, sideline supporter, a frugal spender, and a planner. She works 40+ hours a week and doesn’t miss a ball game or dance rehearsal. She uses the community around her to grow relationships with others and with her children, so her children can find fulfillment and spiritual guidance.

     3. The Stay at Home Mom

She loves her role as homemaker, childcare provider, and pre-pre-school teacher. She genuinely loves children and doesn’t mind having several over at one time. Her home is always warm and inviting. She is thrifty with money and has wonderful recipes to share. She is humble and purpose-driven. She might devalue her role, but she is determined to be great at it. She knows her purpose is higher.

      4. The Non-Traditional College Mom

She may or may not work during the day, but she spends a portion of her day attending classes, working toward a bachelors, masters, or even doctorate degree. She tends to her children and husband during the day while she can and stays up long hours at night or in the wee hours of the morning completing homework, writing research papers, and studying for tests. She puts her family first and her school work second. She knows that the years of college are short, so she takes comfort in knowing the end is in sight and her family won’t suffer too much during this season. She hopes her children will realize that determination and perseverance are worth minor sacrifices.

     5. The Training Mom

She is strong and tough and goal-driven. She wakes up before her family, so she can get in her training. She knows that family comes first and her training comes second. She carefully schedules her eating and training regimen with precision and care so not to disrupt the family schedule. She relies on her husband for some long training days, but she hopes her family understands her need to achieve this goal. She wants her children to see her perseverance and learn to persevere as well.


If you know one or several of these types of moms, text, call, or tell them they are inspiring. They are the real MVPs of motherhood. They put in work every day and very few will  receive recognition for what they do. I believe that as moms, we have to build up each other because we are the only ones who truly know how hard this mom gig is.

Wishing all of my mom friends blessing and peace in the middle of motherhood,


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