Namaste in the Mid-day

Life is hectic and crazy. Between running my children all over town to various activities and games and running training miles each week, I feel run over by Wednesday. Seriously. Hump Day feels like that massive hill at mile 10 where you don’t know whether you should cry like a 3 year old or suck it up and possibly die halfway to the top. I’ve been doing yoga for about 1 1/2 years, but this semester they began offering classes at noon. On Wednesdays. Yes, I have to pack my bag and mat before work, and I have to set an alarm at work so I will remember to change, drink water, and drive over in enough time. But it’s so worth it.

It’s just a warm vinyasa class–nothing special–but at the end when we finally lie down in Savasana, I feel like the sweat has cleansed my body. I’ve purged the anxiety and stress and “run down” feeling. I also take the Savasana as an opportunity to pray. Lying on the mat with the lights dimmed, arms splayed open, legs relaxed, fingers curled up, I feel open to listening to the Lord. I don’t do a lot of talking to Him at that moment. I wait and listen for His voice. It is a nice mid-week recalibration.

I know I could lie down on the ground at my house…but could I do that without the kids needing something or my husband asking a million questions? I should be telling you how to make time for personal reflection and to just listen to God, but that would be dishonest. We all know to do that–that’s not the issue! I’m not the world’s best at slowing down or taking time for myself, but this class forces me to stretch my muscles, relax my brain, focus on my breath, and talk to my Creator–the one who made me able to do these very things. So maybe you can find a way to schedule–yes, schedule–some time to catch your breath in the middle of life.

I pray you find your breath in the middle,


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