Why Moore in the Middle?

My name is Ashley Moore, and I’m content… no, stuck… no, living…in the middle of life right now. I am in my mid-30s, an avid half-marathon runner, married for over 15 years, and raising two elementary-aged girls–so often times I feel in the middle of life. Though most of the days are mundane–get the kids to school, go to work, run the kids to various activities, feed everyone, get them to bed–I’ve recently learned to love the little joys of the middle. What are the joys of the “middle-life”? Simple things. A coffee date with my husband. A dance party with my girls. An especially good run during the day.

What do I struggle with the most? In the middle of life, I want to be seen. I want to be known–and not in a social media, millenial, take a selfie and see how many likes I’ll get kind of way. I want those around me–family, friends, co-workers–to see me and what I do. There is so much out there for new moms, newlyweds, and young loves, but also for the empty-nesters, newly divorced, and retired–but I don’t fit into those categories. Here I am plugging along in the onslaught of life trying to make sure I remember to pick up a kid or sign a permission slip. I survived (barely) those early¬† mothering years where friends and family so happily bestowed advice and help. And now I’m in the middle of raising kids who aren’t quite teenagers (so I “have it easy”) and who aren’t toddlers (again, “so easy”) so who am I to complain?! Ugh. Can we just be honest and agree that NO ONE wants to be in the middle? Nothing good happens in the middle of a race, or in the middle of the line, or at the middle part of life…right?

So here I am in the middle. And I’m not afraid to talk about it. Maybe all of us in the middle will band together and realize that the middle is the “sweet spot” of life.

Wishing you hope for the middle,


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