Moore Christmas Deco, Please

After feeding family from both my side and my husband’s side for Thanksgiving, I turned right around and decided to decorate our house for Christmas–because let’s be honest, stressed people like to add more stress to their lives, am I right?! After spending 2 days decorating a Santa themed tree and an OSU themed tree (Go Pokes!), I decorated the mantle, the dining room table, and the shelves in the living room for varying themes of winter, snow, Santa, and all things Christmas. Oh the joy I felt sitting in the middle of the winter wonderland that was now my living room/kitchen. I had reached contentment in my¬† “middle ground.”

And then I went to church Sunday morning.

I sat in Sunday School listening to background information about the Advent Season and how the purpose of Advent is to somberly wait for the coming of Christ–the expectation of knowing King Jesus was on his way. And I zoned out to my happy place–my middle ground of contentment and seeing my beautiful decorations in my home. Then, it hit me. I only had one decoration that was even close to “Jesus themed.” I talk about Jesus with my kids. We go to church and participate in every holiday activity imaginable. We call ourselves Christians and even buy gifts for the Angel Tree. But the only real sign of Jesus displayed in my home was a small nativity scene with two broken sheep, a missing donkey, and Joseph standing in the shadows on the shelf. I spent the rest of the day pondering this. I sat in my middle ground of contentment, no longer content. How could I let this slip by? Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t think God expects me to have a shrine to baby Jesus in my home, but the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. Was I more expectant of Santa? Did I find more joy in Christmas decorations than in the King who came to set me free? Folks, I’m having to do a lot of soul searching on this one. The middle ground just got mushy.

I currently don’t have a solution other than to pull Joseph out of the shadows, fix the sheep, and make extra sure that my kids understand WHY this Advent Season is so important–we expectantly wait for Christ, nothing else.

Wishing you peace in the middle,



My sad nativity scene.


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